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In this category are grouped the online courses on statistical learning. This field of study of artificial intelligence focuses specifically on the analysis of statistical data that allow the creation of models allowing a machine to "learn", that is to say to generate alone, without reprogramming , new ways to solve problems. With these MOOCs, the different languages of the data scientist will have no more secrets for you. Online courses on the R language or Python, whether you are a beginner or advanced level, there is a free training that will allow you to finally understand everything about deep learning.

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Machine learning: a growing field

The algorithms used in this area of research, have progressively gained all sectors of activity. The applications of this branch of the study of artificial intelligence are incredibly diversified: autonomous cars, facial recognition, typewritten type recognition (used inter alia by ATMs to control the amount of checks). With these free machine learning courses from the best schools, you can get a qualification in a booming industry.

Varied courses, provided by the most prestigious institutions

How does our neural system work? What exactly does the network of artificial neurons represent, an essential notion in artificial intelligence? You will find all the answers to your questions by following the free trainings offered here. With these online courses in machine learning, you can take training in Python language, R language, or even the concept of artificial neural network. Designed by emeritus professors from major institutions, such as Stanford University or Montreal, these courses give you access to a certification allowing you to be eligible for a job in data science.