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Literature is the art of producing a writing. You must be eloquent and know how to express yourself. In the past, she spoke only orally and was considered music or dance. But when it was necessary to transcribe it, it is the appearance of the art of the Scripture. Is not it fantastic to be able to express oneself through Scripture? But you still have to know how to do it. For this, you need knowledge and tools and that's why My Mooc has listed for you all the online courses of MOOC type available through the web! The MOOC is a type of free online training gathering many participants and issuing a certification that you can add to your CV!

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Poetry, an ancient literary genre written in verse or prose

Whether you want to perfect your writing or feel the soul of a poet, discover what poetry really is. It was in the 19th and 20th century that it became a genre as the Roman. Before, she was lyrical. It was declaimed orally by the troubadours. Written, it can be in verse or prose, but always in perpetual search for a beautiful language and a sustained rhythm of Scripture.

The Novel and the Fantasy Novel are works of fiction and give a large place to the imagination.

Unlike Poetry, it is always written in prose and features characters straight out of your imagination. It comes in different characteristics such as the autobiography where the author speaks only of him, traditional or the plot takes place in the past and the use of the 3rd person is privileged, drawers where different secondary stories follow one another.