MOOCs for better teaching in Primary and Secondary

If you are a school teacher, a Primary or Secondary teacher or tutor, you will find here courses designed to improve your teaching skills. My Mooc brings together all online courses that may interest you in your teaching process. They are delivered by the most prestigious universities and organizations. You can choose, for example, to deepen a field of research by studying methodological principles, to train you in early childhood learning from experimentation. All these MOOC modules will bring you a real added value to your university curriculum.

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MOOC allow teachers to find the best teaching tools

In primary school, a school teacher is usually trained on the job after doing quite theoretical studies. Often this teacher feels the need to know more about certain themes of childhood or education in general. It is the same for secondary teachers. MOOC training is available online, which allows you, as a teacher in primary school for example, to devote to it after your day of work for example. The flexibility offered by these MOOC training is very important. You can develop your knowledge in certain areas of childhood and primary at your own pace and maximize your employability by obtaining certifications recognized by employers.

Knowledge-sharing training for an education more ingrained in the modern world

Nowadays teachers use many applications to support the education of children in a highly technological world. Digital learning, pedagogical innovation, digital creation: MOOCs are dealing with current pedagogy. In this way, children will be better prepared for their digital future and will be able to lay the foundations of a good career with a vast knowledge of the computer tool.