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My Mooc is a platform where you can access multiple free courses with certificates. So, one of the subjects you might be interested in is programming for IOS. It is a mobile operating system that has been designed to power Apple devices. By the way, it is the second most popular mobile operating system in the world after Android. Following courses on IOS you will form a clear understanding of the principles the systems is based upon, and also learn how to use it to come up with new applications for Apple products such as iPhone and iPad.

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Apps for iPhone and iPAd

In the category, you will find a great variety of courses to learn to design new apps for Apple. You can embark on a course to master a programming language Swift by Apple or walk through all the stages of mobile programming. Whatever your learning objective is, you are sure to accomplish it by using our platform. For your information the courses are prepared by most prestigious universities and schools in the world

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Learning via My Mooc you can not only increase your programming skills to be capable of working with iDevices by Cupertino but also obtain a certificate issued by a highly-respected university, which might be an asset to your professional prolife.