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Are you in the pursuit of new knowledge? Or, you are seeking to deepen your existing skills? Then you are in the right place. Created by most prestigious universities the MOOC’s on IT and programming cover a wide range of subjects IOT, Smart cities, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and so on. The courses will help you significantly improve your computer skills. In most cases, you can get a certificate at the end of your learning program

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The IOT or Internet of Things: a digital revolution is emerging

These days the Internet of Things (or IOT) and smart cities are the fastest growing phenomena changing in a deep manner our perception about connectivity, and data exchange. In order to control the two large systems, we need to have powerful tools and know how to use them properly. Due to such digital transformation the job market will equally undergone a deep change that will surely lead to an increased demand on technical and IT specialists. In this respect, we offer you to look at a wide collection of online courses the focus of which is placed on developing competencies needed to become architects of the systems like IOT and smart cities.

Obtain a recognized certification to confirm your expertise

In addition to the certifications offered by our Arduino or Raspberry Pi programming courses, some of our MOOCs also offer you diplomas that will confirm your broad knowledge in various digital fields. Our many partnerships with renowned foreign universities and international pioneering organizations include the University of Rochester, the National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, The State University of New York, Gobelins (the School of Image), and many others.