MOOCs to be operational and face and future challenges of the industry

As a professional in the agri-food industry, agriculture or public services, you must constantly evolve to remain competitive. The MOOCs we have listed on the internet are organized to quickly optimize your knowledge. Thus, you will immediately be able to define effective strategies, be it, for example, for the implementation of environmental standards in the construction industry or for a project to create a more environmentally friendly agriculture. If you work in public services, these online courses will help you reorganize your function, to remain effective, despite the constraints of budget cuts.

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Training focused on the concrete to understand the stakes of the industry

The emergence of new production tools related to automation and the advent of digital technology are transforming the way you work. The MOOCs, by answering concretely your questions, bring you the indispensable tools to integrate these changes in confidence. Based on concrete cases directly from the industrial sector, such as the presentation of digital models for building construction or project management at the heart of an agro-food factory, these online courses allow you to directly translate what you have learned to your professional environment.

Free and certified courses by universities around the world

Thanks to the Internet, you are no longer limited by the remoteness of training organizations and you have access, thanks to My Mooc, to online courses from prestigious universities and organizations in the fields of industry. By training online, you gain immediately exploitable skills with stakeholders whose credibility is based on solid experience in the field. The certification at the end of training gives you more weight in your company and places you as a reference person within it. Finally, most part of displayed courses are free and allows you to start now!