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The humanities and social sciences bring together several disciplines that make it possible to study both man and society as a whole. One can study the human sciences through several subjects such as history, art, literature or philosophy. They are fascinating because they are not accurate and the epistemological debates around them are often fascinating. Among the MOOCs we have listed, you will find courses on literature, foreign languages, grammar and writing, philosophy and culture. All these certification courses will allow you to learn a little more about the sciences that have built the history of humanity.

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The social sciences, or sociology, provide a better understanding of human facts. Even if they do not belong to the so-called "exact" sciences, they still make it possible to know different cultures under the prism of certain disciplines. You can access our catalog of social science courses to optimize your knowledge in fields such as literature, foreign languages, grammar or culture. Some courses also allow you to obtain certification in various subjects of study. Do not hesitate to inquire about the various online courses offered on this page and the opportunities you can access.

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If you want to look at the different disciplines that make up the social sciences, you should consult the available courses. You can have access to it whether you are a student in the field or a true professional in the field, and want to update your knowledge on various topics related to social sciences. You will find available all free online courses available in this area and will also have access to those who are requiring some fees. You can train anywhere and anytime according to your needs.