MOOCs on Human Resources

HR is an unavoidable and cross-cutting area at the heart of economic activity. They encompass multiple functions: managing employee employment contracts and careers, developing staff skills, organizing recruitment as well as layoffs. On our platform, you will find all online courses that will allow you to acquire knowledge and skills by studying when you want, without constraints. My MOOC selects for you the best HR related courses in the web to allow you to follow courses at your own pace and to obtain, for some courses, certifications that you can enhance on your resume and that will strengthen your academic background and professional.

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Human Resources Management, Recruitment, Talent Management

You will have the choice to acquire knowledge on the human or administrative aspect of the human resources, in particular in all that relates to the implementation of the HR policy of the company or the organization : recruitment, administrative management of staff, training, management skills of employees or legislative aspects.

Payroll management, employer brand

On the other hand, thanks to the online courses, you will be able to deepen your knowledge in all the technical aspects of HR: assessment of employee training needs, payroll management, management of leave and absence, organization of the working time, payroll management, internal communication, or improving the attractiveness of the company or organization through the employer brand. This may include understanding how to translate the employer brand into HR policy, or how to retain employees and reduce turnover. Many courses available will allow you to specialize in specific topics related to HR.