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My MOOC condenses the best MOOCs in history, designed by the leading schools and universities, with speakers with impressive curriculum. From human origins to more contemporary history topics, the platform offers online courses that will allow you to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Whether your interest is in medieval history, great wars, or even the history of art, you will find here enough to feed your curiosity.

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Online course to feed his passion for history

To know the past is to better understand the world today. Keeping in mind the great changes and wars that have upset society over the centuries is the key to a more enlightened approach to our today civilization. With the learning of archeology, for example, it is possible to have a more and more precise vision of how our ancestors worked. This is why history is a subject that inspires such enthusiasm.

Quality history teaching and certifying

Being able to take courses of this quality is a chance. You can have access to the best teaching, whether to acquire new skills, or to reinforce knowledge in a field that you already master. Provided by prestigious universities such as Princeton or Paris Diderot, the online courses in art history, archeology, civilization, medieval history and other highly specialized disciplines are prepared by recognized professors and experts in the subject. At the end of the training, it is possible to obtain a certification issued by a recognized institution, attesting to the knowledge acquired.