History is no more spread by books only but also by MOOC!

You want to find online training of type MOOC which have for subject the periods of history? Then look no further! You are at the right place!!! Concentrated in this same category you will find all the MOOC dealing with historical facts or major periods or currents which have drawn our existing societies. Participate in training bringing together thousands of learners as you who desire to acquire a historic culture. Find the best trainings in history through the opinions of the other Moocers ! Other thematic areas could also be of interest to you as " Philosophy and Religion " or " Education and Teaching ".

Free collaborative resources

The main advantage of the MOOC, is that most of the time these formations are free! You can follow them at your own pace and at any time. Made by recognized historian all experts in their field, you are sure to find a training of quality! The collaborative dimension of MOOC leaves the possibility to each learner to make its contribution to the building: improve your knowledge with the support of the community! You will have understood, all of the formations below will help you to satisfy your curiosity. The icing on the cake is that it is possible for most of them to acquire certifications and diploma from the best schools.