All the MOOC about business management

Tu trouveras dans cette catégorie plusieurs MOOC portant entre autres sur les stratégies d’entreprise, les différentes méthodes de financement d'entreprise, les techniques de gestion des coûts, la logistique ainsi que leurs enjeux pour le développement d’une organisation. Accessibles aux auto-entrepreneurs comme aux dirigeants de PME, les cours sont proposés par des universités, des business schools et des établissements spécialisés du monde entier.

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Acquire the knowledge of business management

Manage a company is not easy, neither innate but can be learned! All grouped within this category: the whole MOOC for the discipline "management of business". Learn from the best universities or business schools and of the best teachers around the world. Manage your business like a boss and lead your company to success by controlling the budgets, costs and other key indices. You will acquire the skills to develop a successful business strategy. Other thematic areas could also be of interest to you and also relating to company area as " Marketing " or " Communication and Journalism ".

Be his own boss with the MOOC on entrepreneurship

Train you for free on business creation, you will find under this section MOOC allowing you to develop a business plan. Acquire the concepts and key databases to build its own business and have a clearer vision of the entrepreneurship. With the set of methods developed in these training, you will be able to avoid the pitfalls of the launch and reduce your risk of failure. After that it will be easier to start your projects and making them successful. Most of them are available free of charge, these MOOC will enable you to obtain a certification and why not helping you to join a growing startup.