All MOOCs to design your own video games!

Have you ever dreamed of being in charge of game creation tools? Have you ever been? The feeling of diving into extraordinary worlds and transmitting all the imagination and all the sensations to a public ready to dive into the heart of the adventure ... Be sure that we have listed here free MOOCs and certifying that will allow you to live your creative adventure and carry out projects in this field, whatever their nature... Understand that you will learn to use reference tools in the field: Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, that you can improve with these MOOCs in 3D programming, 3D animation, game design and gameplay.

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Learn to design video games

Experts in the field can work on different types of games but we are talking about games such as those that are marketed to the general public and that use the best tools for 3D programming and 3D animation. You will be able to create your own gameplay to match your work to the vision you have. The MOOCs that we present to you are able to help you progress in different areas and for all types of games that you can consider. Creatives are needed to bring dreams to the public.

How to develop video games?

Whether it's a passion, a professional project or something else, developing a video game is in itself an extraordinary adventure. We are talking here about multimedia content that will allow people to get out of their daily lives for several hours, several days, sometimes at the root of profound transformations in their lives... Thus, by mastering the most advanced techniques of development, game design, you may be able to illuminate the daily life of people who will be captivated by your creations...