Free MOOCs to learn about Film and Theater

Want to know more about animation or shooting techniques? With MOOCs, you can learn to edit videos, become a director or get familiar with Adobe software a graphic designer uses. There is something for everyone. In addition, all the courses provided by our platform are free and have certificates.

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Develop your knowledge of production with online MOOCs

Discover a wide selection of MOOCs for all levels and needs. Thanks to the online courses, you can develop more profound knowledge in design thinking or special effects, or, for example, master the principles of working with Photoshop. The balanced combination of theory and practice will allow you to reach your personal and professional goals. Finally, all the videos can be viewed at any time and at your own pace.

Certifying theatre courses, real career accelerators

Do you dream to become a movie director? Then you can take one of the multiple MOOC’s about how to create a video or direct a movie. If you are much more interested in graphic design, you can follow the course “Creating visuals with illustrator”. Probably, you gravitate more towards acting, in this case, you can embark on a course to know more about methods and techniques that profession actors stick to. Besides, most of the courses have certificates that you can obtain at the end of your learning program.