Develop your knowledge on Environment and Sustainable development

All gathered in the same place, you will find all the MOOC available about environmental issues. They are made to have a better understanding of environmental issues. Some topics of learning are part of the answer to reduce our impact on the planet: with the sustainable development, the development of the circular economy, the Eco-design or the preservation of plant and animal. Other fields of study are likely to be of interest to you as " Physics, Chemistry and Biology " or " Health and Medicine ".

Preserving our Environment and the planet

All affected by this major challenge of our century: the protection of the environment will help us to preserve the future of the future generations. These MOOC want to educate the most possible people to these issues and as well provide you arguments in favor of a modification of the way we conceive our lives. The MOOC proposed in this category are showing that all of us can act and find solutions against the overexploitation of natural resources.