Free online courses and certifications in environmental sciences

The environment has become a major concern, hence the need to raise awareness and introduce people about environmental challenges, through free courses offered by the most prestigious universities and companies in the world. They are available online and cover sustainable development, the adoption of a circular economy, energy optimization, ecodesign and animal and plant preservation, among others. Online learning through MOOC also provides a certificate of achievement once the learner submits the projects and assignments that have been requested and successfully passes the various quizzes and assessments.

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Maximize your knowledge of the environment and energy!

My Mooc provides on this page all online courses on the theme of ecology that allow you to acquire and consolidate your knowledge and skills in the field of the environment. An opportunity also to improve your employability in a very sensitive and very high value added field. By taking these online trainings in ecology or in disciplines such as sustainable development and energy, you can easily integrate a private company, a state body or a non-profit organization operating in the energy or environmental field.

Follow an online course in ecology and get your certificate!

By completing an online training, you can get a certificate of achievement from one of the most prestigious institutions. Obtaining a certificate of achievement is free, except for authenticated certificates that are awarded after a webcam-supervised exam. This approach is adopted in order to fight against fraud. By passing your exam and obtaining such a certificate you can enter the job market more easily and land a job in the field. Otherwise, by acquiring knowledge in the green sector, you can help raise awareness of environmental challenges and the urgency of preserving natural resources to secure the future of future generations.