Free online courses to learn English as a second language!

With our various MOOC (free online courses) in English, you can learn at your own pace the most spoken language in the world. Whether you are aimed at achieving a professional English level or starting from the basics, we have a wide range of material to meet your learning needs! Most of the courses are free and certified by prestigious universities, which gives you the opportunity to directly value your efforts to speak and write English.

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MOOCs for all learners

The free English courses cover a great variety of topics’, so everyone can find material corresponding to their learning needs: be it business English to work in an international company or to study at a foreign university. Here, we list MOOCs that are highly oriented to oral communication and professional business writing to help you boost your proficiency in the language of Shakespeare

Free and certified MOOCs

Elaborated by renowned universities, all the English courses uploaded on the platform give you an opportunity to obtain a certificate at the end of your learning. The certificate can be not only a great asset to your CV if you are currently looking for a job but also serve as a guarantee of your knowledge and competencies. So don't hesitate to sign up for a free MOOC!