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Engineering is a broad technical field with many aspects to study, design, build, and monitor technical and industrial projects. We have listed for you the best courses of the Web related to engineering, made by professors and scientific experts to allow you to take online courses at your own pace and obtain, for some MOOC, certifications that you can value on your CV and will support your academic and professional background. MOOCs are offered by a variety of institutions and institutions, providing quality learning and teaching resources. Whether you are a professional in one of the fields or would like to study on your own, here are online courses that match your search.

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Mechanics, Electricity, Energy

Engineering encompasses many specific technical branches such as mechanics, electricity, electronics, energy, but also computer science, aeronautics, robotics, nanotechnologies, geographic information systems, and more. Industrial Engineering. You can choose to train in one or more of these areas by choosing courses that will reinforce your existing knowledge and skills or those that will bring you transversal skills that you will value in the job market.

Civil engineering and architecture

Civil engineering brings together various and complementary aspects: project design, calculations, infrastructure projects, works management, hydraulics, materials, site monitoring... We also select in an annexed theme courses offered by major schools and universities around the world in the field of architecture. My MOOC lists the various online courses through the Internet that allow you to train on topics that are related to your background, your job or your passions, while studying at your own pace.