Online training for electrical engineering expertise.

The climate changes that have been shaking the world require the presence of specialists in electricity, electronic circuits, solar energy and microcontrollers. Now it is possible to train with the dedicated online courses for this purpose. These online courses are specifically designed for science enthusiasts as well as for people looking for MOOC to further deepen an aspect of Electrical Engineering.

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Custom MOOCs for successful learning.

These courses correspond perfectly to the needs in terms of training in electricity, electronic circuits, solar energy and microcontrollers. All courses offered online are free and entitle to certification. Many energetic MOOCs are on the program: from the introduction of fluid mechanics to those about smart grids. On this page My Mooc has gathered all the MOOCs across the web related to the subject of the sub-category Electrical Engineering.

Quality online courses with certification.

The MOOCs proposed are the work of prestigious universities and institutions around the world. It is possible to obtain a certificate that proves the learning effort and knowledge acquired. The free online courses on smart grid are made with a certain pedagogy quickly improve knowledge and skills in the field. This is an opportunity to maximize its employability also because of this certification issued by the most prestigious universities and international organizations.