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Parce qu'enseigner ne s’improvise pas, My Mooc met à ta disposition des formations sous forme de cours en ligne, dans tous les domaines de l'enseignement et de l'éducation, de la maternelle aux études supérieures. Si tu veux être plus à l’aise dans ta façon d’enseigner et proposer des cours de qualité optimale, nos MOOC sont faits pour toi. Avec le grand choix des formations que nous proposons, tu trouveras facilement celle qui te convient et te permettra d’améliorer tes compétences en matière d’enseignement et d’éducation. N'hésite pas non plus à visiter l'ensemble de notre site pour découvrir d'autres formations susceptibles de répondre à tes attentes.

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Transmit the knowledge is a difficult exercise. Whether you're a teacher or trainer you will find on My Mooc, a content which will allow you to improve your skills in the field of education. The growth of the Internet has helped to promote the dissemination of knowledge as well you will find many MOOC to create and distribute your own online courses. We have a vast catalog of training courses to teach with the more innovative pedagogies. Please do not hesitate to select other thematic areas could also be of interest to you as " History " or " English and foreign languages "

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Take the challenge to know put on foot a course online and then disseminate it to its own students or those of the whole world! Share your methods of instruction which will help the totality of the teachers. Have an overall view of these new pedagogical tools to teach from early childhood to the world of higher education. The MOOC is a disruptive learning format that resolutely enables each person to develop its expertise in the field of education.