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You seek to be more advanced in teaching? Then you are in the right place. My Mooc provides you with a great variety of online courses in all areas of education from kindergarten to higher education. With the various learning programs that are brought to your attention, you can easily find a course that will allow you to take your teaching skills to the next level. Do not hesitate to visit our site to know more about other courses.

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Master new education tools with our MOOCs

It is an undeniable fact that the appearance of new communication means, and digital technology have deeply revolutionized the way we learn. So, we offer you to look at the wide collection of our online courses that will get you acquainted with most innovative pedagogical methods and concepts that might be successfully used both in a classroom and distance learning. Here, you are sure to find something that might be truly helpful for you to generate new ideas to make your lessons more interesting and engaging for your students.

Free and certified courses by the most prestigious universities

The internet gives you a unique opportunity to learn from the best educators of the world with no regard to their whereabouts. Our mission is to gather together all free and high-quality MOOC’s and deliver them to you so that you can continuously improve your skills and enrich your knowledge. Please keep also in mind that you can be granted a certificate at the end of a course that will serve as confirmation of what you have learnt.