The keys of the Economy and Trade

A lot of people want to know how the economy works. Right here, across the whole MOOC about economy and trade below, you will find all the necessary tools and resources to understand it better. It will also be question of the emergence of new forms of economic practices and business models such as the collaborative economy or the circular economy. Similar thematic might be of interest to you as " Accounting " or " management of business ".

Find the best training in finance

Enjoy the best free courses in finance, assessed by the learners: a score is assigned to the MOOC which determines its quality. Unlike conventional courses, the MOOC will allow you to ask for help the community of students but also your teachers. We referenced for you trainings dealing with Corporate Finance, financial analysis but also to private management, thanks to them you will manage better your savings and be able to make the right investment choice. Some MOOC on finance will offer you the obtaining of a certificate or a diploma that giving you academic credits.