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Explore new topics, learn new skills, improve existing ones, or simply enrich your personal culture: there are many reasons why more and more people are following a MOOC. These online courses gathered by My Mooc are free and cover a wide range of economics and finance disciplines. These are real interactive training, provided by confirmed referees and deliver certifications to strengthen your employability.

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Fundamentals of the market economy, econometrics and finance

From Adam Smith to Thomas Piketty via Karl Marx and John Meynard Keynes, economics abounds with thought-provoking minds that have forged theories that we have been constantly referred to in trying to unravel the secrets of a market economy. You want to understand the economic mechanisms but you do not know where to start? What are the major factors of economic growth? How to control its economic development? What are the goals and methods in econometrics? How is an interest rate calculated? How to manage your savings? You will find your answers in the training available on the internet!

Circular economy, collaborative economy, sustainable development

Do you want to understand the mechanisms and opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin? Are you passionate about the questions of sustainable development or the new concepts that are driving economic growth? We can no longer consider economic development without taking into account algorithms, the circular economy or even the collaborative economy. The online courses brought together by My Mooc deal with these essential topics in economics.