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Medical professionals, medical students, people wishing to access the medical profession, this platform is yours. Come find your training and enrich your medical knowledge with MOOC diseases and disorders. Join one of the online courses on various pathologies such as AIDS, cancer, tumors. My Mooc has listed all MOOCs (online courses open to all and certifying) dealing with this topic within this page. You also can register for free in courses in epidemiology and those dealing with viruses to know their mode of transmission and other information good to know.

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Learn about diseases to better protect themselves

Health is everyone's business, it is not useless to learn about or even learn about diseases, to know the causes, the symptoms and if possible, the treatments in order to be able to preserve the best of our health and that of our family. With the MOOCs in diseases and disorders, you will be able to have all the information on the virus of AIDS, its modes of transmissions as well as naturally, the means of fighting this virus. Some MOOCs are related to serious conditions such as cancer or tumor, so you can learn about these diseases and other epidemiology.

Obtain a certificate once the training completed

On My Mooc, most of the listed courses are sanctioned by certificates. These certificates are issued by leading universities and internationally recognized organizations; What's more normal since the courses that are taught there are taught by professors involved in these prestigious universities. Finding a training using the search engine My Mooc, proves to be doubly beneficial for you because in addition to training yourself for free on the field of your choice, you can get a certificate to boost your employability.