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The communication and marketing aspect of a company's products and / or services necessarily involves the production of visuals in different forms: 3D animation, computer graphics, posters, videos, etc. The skills related to these needs are therefore currently in vogue on the market. employment. From the production of professional videos with smartphone to the learning of staging techniques, through the creation of visuals with Illustrator and the introduction to design thinking, the MOOCs will allow you to be sufficiently equipped to claim your belonging to the family of digital media specialists.

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MOOC for the digital media business

Whether you are looking for an online course module to learn how to make video games, video editing, podcasts or to become a game design specialist, you will find the training that best suits your needs. in this category. Each course is devoted exclusively to a specific theme allowing to obtain a certification issued by a prestigious university or organization. Take advantage of the free MOOCs listed by us to strengthen your expertise in the field of digital media or to learn a new profession.

Opt for a learning accessible to all, fun and without major constraint

If, to train becomes simple and fun, why deprive oneself? Our platform is specially designed to find content to learn video editing, podcasting, scenario staging techniques, 3D animation techniques of video game creation or to become a game specialist design without breaking the bank. You study for free and you get a certification that you can use to find a job. Come and take advantage of the MOOCs made by experienced teachers as well as their assessments to test your skills.