Learn Deep learning by taking a MOOC!

Being a part of computer science, deep learning is focused on machines acquiring knowledge in an automatic way. The underlying concept behind the technology is artificial neurons that are elementary units in the artificial neural network.

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The place of deep learning in the IT world

Machine learning is a vast area of knowledge that consists of many sub-categories like, for example, a machine learning tool TensorFlow developed by Google. Deep neural networks, known as deep learning, is a component of machine learning based on complex algorithms that are widely used in the development of many industrial, medical, financial, energy and artistic applications.

Discover in deep learning through MOOCs

Deep learning courses can be paid for or free. In the latter case, they are usually delivered in the MOOC format. There is a great variety of MOOCs for those who want to deepen their knowledge in this area. It is to note that learning can be more efficient if learners have solid knowledge of mathematics and computer science.