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Following MOOCs is a real opportunity for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge in the highly specialized field of Data Science through free and certifying online training. How to start a career in data journalism or finance without perfectly mastering the issues of decisional statistics or data mining? It is also the possibility to manage your customer relationship by having the maximum of relevant tools. All online courses on advanced technologies such as open data or Weka that can refine predictive modeling are at your disposal.

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Online courses adapted to your rhythm

To obtain a complete and valid training on open data, the open license that allows you to use data open access, you have to follow difficult and daunting courses when they are available! Thanks to the free MOOCs listed by My Mooc, you have the freedom to define your work pace. In the same way, the decisional statistic once described simply becomes a powerful tool. You have become a true explorer.

Weka software for machine learning

Become a shoe size by adopting Weka software. Free of access, this tool from New Zealand will revolutionize your approach to data mining. Thanks to its unique and complete collection of preprocessors, this software opens doors that you did not imagine. Open data completes your arsenal to clear new spaces where you can use your new skills in data processing. Here you are ready to disarm all the subtleties of data mining!