Welcome to the factory of the future! In this section, you will discover all available MOOCs related to Statistical Data Analysis or Data Analysis. These courses are designed by proven Data Science professionals, both theoretically and practically, and are available free of charge. Language R, Python programming, Excel, as many courses available to prepare you for the job of business analyst or Business Analyst. Learn everything you need to improve your technical knowledge and learn new skills.

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Become expert in the analysis of massive data

Enter into the dynamics of multivariate statistics with full courses on different models and methods of statistical data analysis. Get started now with the Excel Spreadsheet, a must-have data analysis software. Go beyond the limits by strengthening your knowledge in the statistical analysis of data with the R language and Python programming, the programming languages most used by data analysts to date. Exploratory data processing, quantitative and qualitative analysis of data related to the functional processes of companies, all these free courses and certifications just a click away!

All you need for a successful Business Analyst career

Are you already a Business Analyst or do you dream of becoming one? My Mooc brings together in one place everything you need to learn about this industry. Maximize your employability now thanks to the certifications of the most prestigious universities and organizations. Develops through the courses available, new skills in statistical study and data organization. You will be able, right now, to manipulate, analyze and explore a large set of massive data. Orient the business strategy based on the results of the statistical analysis of the data thanks to the capacities that you will have acquired in the understanding of the specific needs of these companies.