Culture, the human science of curiosity and talent

My Mooc has gathered a great variety of courses that will help you become more culturally competent. Whatever you are passionate about: literature or cinema, art or sculpture, on our platform, you will find many courses meeting your learning objectives. It is to note that the courses are elaborated by renowned universities and organizations. For your information, you can get a certificate after finishing a course.

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Culture, practical workshops

Our platform lists all accessible online certifications, linked to practical learning: writing or painting and sculpture workshops in art, literature or film script writing. General culture sessions deal with synthetic knowledge concepts schooling rests upon. Whether you are a student, or a professional, you can always find a course to further improve your skills

Culture, understanding and analysis

We offer you the opportunity to study art with free and certifying courses. You will have a chance to know more about painting by thoroughly analyzing how the main painting concepts have evolved over time. If you are more interested in cinema, you can plunge into studying film history and draw inspiration from different cinema schools. In case, if you are fond of reading, you will find plenty literature courses in which you will get acquainted more closely with some writers and their main works. Briefly, each course will help you discover something new