MOOCs to improve pedagogy

Quality succession relies inexorably on the teaching of children by experienced teachers and trainers. They must have a good pedagogy to transmit knowledge. This ease is acquired through the development of courses, the creation of training and especially by educational engineering. That’s why My Mooc has gathered on this page all free online and certifying courses for teachers and trainers who want to learn how to develop courses more easily.

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Online course for training teachers and trainers

MOOCs in this category focus on Course Development, Pedagogy, Training Creation and Pedagogical Engineering. It includes flagship courses such as: pedagogy to teach the superior, how is the management of an educational engineering project. With these MOOCs, the transmission of knowledge becomes an easier exercise. The content of these courses significantly improves teaching skills. They give teachers and trainers the opportunity to create and distribute their own courses on the web at will.

A continuous improvement of pedagogy.

The purpose of the training courses is to learn how to teach using high-performance and innovative teaching methods. Education and teaching are therefore within the reach of all for the development of courses, the creation of training and the improvement of educational engineering. The proposed teaching methods offer a more global view of the new pedagogical tools thus ensuring early childhood education to higher education. Every teacher and trainer are able to really develop their skills and abilities in education.