Become an expert of communication

Know how to make an effective communication plan is a key competence. Find below all the MOOC which are in relation with this topic. Enjoy everything that the web can offer, by joining an online training. Designed by experts from the best schools and universities, these courses will help you to enhance your knowledge and skills. Be aware of the different practices used by journalists on the web and the new ways of communication: e-mailing, community management, online advertising and many others. However, if you want to train you on other thematic areas, the " Marketing " may be of interest for you or " English and foreign languages."

Your journalistic skills and writing strengthened !

Do you want to improve your writing style or acquire methods used by the best journalists to gather and write the information? We wanted to make the task easier for you by bringing under this same category all MOOC trainings whether free of charge or not to match your needs. It will be matter of the publication of information on new media: online press, online video, social networks. Press & Media Experts and as well journalists will speak about this profession and will share their knowledge to help you to acquire the best tools box to be a true journalist.