In this section dedicated to the environment, you will discover all available MOOCs oriented towards the scientific foundations of climate change. Several notions are explained: carbon emission and pollution, their foundations and impacts on global warming and therefore on climate change in the environment. You will learn in a simple dialect all you need to understand the climatic variations of our environment, their causes and their consequences. All this, thanks to certified online courses from prestigious universities, which will help you acquire new skills and improve existing ones, free of charge.

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All the scientific underpinnings of climate change in one place

MOOCs offer you free access to study the scientific basis of climate change. Although these changes may be related to natural phenomena of terrestrial origin or external to our atmosphere, human activity is also largely responsible. Pollution, carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases, all factors of global warming due to human influence, in addition to pre-existing natural factors of climate change. Become experts in climatology thanks to these tailor-made courses, in order to be a productive actor at the service of men and the protection of the environment.

Invest in a dynamic of sustainable development

Do you care about our well-being and that of the environment? The MOOCs available on climate change will allow you to find innovative solutions to the different causes of climate change, in order to limit their impact on the environment. Show your diligence by obtaining certifications from the world's most prestigious universities and organizations, which will significantly increase your employability in the study of climate change. Become, too, an important player and a performance model in achieving goals related to sustainable development needs.