All MOOCs available on chemistry

You want to deepen your knowledge or acquire new skills in the field of chemical sciences? Do you dream of exploring the world of solids or polymers, to discover the concepts of analytical and organic chemistry or to unlock the secrets of biochemistry? Find the right course for you on this page listing all available MOOCs about chemistry, matter science and its transformations. Follow one of the free online courses offered by the most prestigious educational institutions and obtain a certification that will enhance your resume!

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General chemistry, solids and polymers

Do you want to understand fundamental chemical concepts such as the composition of the atom and molecules, the periodic classification of elements, thermochemistry and chemical equilibria? Choose a MOOC for general chemistry to learn interactively and get a certificate validating your achievements! Do you master the basics and look for more specific training? Study crystallography to understand the microscopic structure and properties of solids, or discuss the chemistry of polymers, natural or synthetic macromolecules obtained by a chain reaction process.

Free online courses in Biochemistry, Analytical and Organic Chemistry

You want to become familiar with the main chemical functions and their reactivity, the writing of reaction mechanisms and the implementation of an experimental protocol? A training in organic synthesis will meet your expectations! You can complete it with a MOOC in Analytical Chemistry, which will teach you how to purify and characterize chemical compounds using separative or spectroscopic methods. And if you are passionate about the natural sciences, train yourself in biochemistry: at the interface with biology, this discipline is interested in the chemical phenomena that occur in living organisms.