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In the business world, the role of manager is essential and aims to permanently determine the most efficient way of using available resources to achieve its objectives. Moreover, the notion of business intelligence is more and more present in this environment. Indeed, every business needs a business plan, and there are many different ways to develop it. Unlike traditional approaches, business intelligence or business intelligence can provide each manager with reliable and relevant information through a set of properly structured technological tools such as data mining or A / B testing. Thus, decision-making and the entire development strategy of the company are henceforth objectivity because they are based on quantitative and qualitative data.

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Business intelligence to become a better manager

Access MOOC that allow you to train effectively in recent management techniques, to learn about predictive models oriented "customer analysis", key predictions, underlying tradeoffs, implementation decisions needed to each phase of the life of a project, and to master all the organizational logic to ensure its proper execution. Course registration is mainly free and open to all. Moreover, you will be able to obtain a certificate of success after your online course to attest your skills.

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Whether you are a student or a management professional, technology tools and "customer analysis" of business intelligence or business intelligence training will make you a champion of user-centered development, as well as predictive models, data mining, A / B testing to exploit a large amount of data and make accurate forecasts. Increase your employability with the MOOC gathered here by My Mooc and delivered by the best universities.