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Whether you're just curious or already a biologist, My Mooc has gathered, on this page, all the MOOCs of the web on the theme of biology. This vast field extends from microscopic observation with cell biology to the study of marine ecosystems. This science also leads you to explore the interactions between human organs, as well as the development of diseases through the branches of human and medical biology. On a more global scale, marine biology will give you a better understanding of the laws governing the fragile balance of the oceans and its implications for the survival of the human species.

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A practical and technological approach to integrate the notions inherent in biology

In addition to acquiring the theoretical foundation necessary to understand biology, MOOCs combine various pedagogical approaches by offering you, for example, to manipulate a virtual microscope for the observation of tissues in human and cellular biology. to meet plants growing near you in botany and to travel back in time thanks to marine paleontology. Some of the MOOCs available here open wide the doors of medical research laboratories, to understand how our scientists apprehend the mysteries of life through innovative observation techniques such as crystallography and bioinformatics.

Online courses available 24/7

The rise of the Internet today allows you to learn from the best speakers that they are near you or thousands of miles away. This is why our teachers, all passionate about their different specialties, are among the largest universities and organizations in the world in the field of biology. The MOOCs allow you to enrich your knowledge and improve your skills in a certifying way, thus guaranteeing the seriousness of the content delivered. Finally, access to knowledge is no longer reserved for a wealthy elite since these courses are completely free!