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Bioinformatics is the field where many technological and medical advances happen. Our platform contains a great variety of free and certified MOOC’s for those who seek to gain more profound knowledge and skills to understand better the subject and its main components, for example, Biostatistics. In most cases, when you finish a course you can get a certificate issued by a prestigious university or company.

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Digital and biological mix

Many laboratories actively search for specialists in biostatistics in order to boost their research activity. Using complex computer analysis bioinformaticians can study more thoroughly certain behavior patterns or biological laws. Apart from that, they are often involved with a team of researchers who work on DNA sequencing

Bioinformatics is the science of the future

It is a mix of computer science and biology. The powerful combination is needed to find an answer to questions that people have had for centuries. The thing is that collecting quantitative data allows us to understand such complex things that DNA and genome sequencing. And now, thanks to new information technologies the data can be analyzed, and even stored over an extended period of time. Bioinformatics also includes proteomics, genomics and systems biology.