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The MOOCs listed in this section deal with the different theoretical and practical notions of astronomy and the observation of the universe. You will learn through courses on astrophysics, how to recognize different celestial bodies, thanks to their physical properties, as well as what differentiates them from each other. These reference courses have been developed by renowned professors in the astronomy sector and are at your disposal for free. Now increase your skills on the knowledge of the planets and the different exploration techniques of the multiverse.

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Advanced notions of astronomy and astrophysics are within your reach

Are you passionate about the different phenomena of the universe? Would you like to know more about what's happening beyond Earth's atmosphere? My Mooc has gathered for you, all courses dealing with astronomy, astrophysics and special exploration to guide you. Discover for free behind the scenes of the science of the observation of the stars, through certified courses developed by professionals who actively participate in the enrichment of this area. Dive into the immensity of the cosmos to bring out the remains that trace the history of the universe.

MOOCs to conquer the origin of the universe

Do you want to follow in the footsteps of the world's astronomers? Become one of the actors participating in the search for new planets. Go, too, to conquer the multiverse, through the observation of the stars and the exploration of the cosmos. You will learn through MOOC to interpret the information available to get out the most relevant information on the origin of the universe. In addition, your attendance is rewarded with certifications from prestigious organizations around the world. These MOOCs will certainly help you to increase your professional experience, your skills and also your employability, in this booming sector.