Discover all the online courses on artificial intelligence

A leap into the heart of the greatest myth of our time. In this section reserved for AI (Artificial Intelligence), you will discover all the MOOCs available on the different theories and techniques used to create and manage these machines that simulate intelligence. These online courses are designed by the distinguished professors of the best universities working on new technologies, such as Stanford University and MIT. They will be made available to you free of charge and will allow you to acquire new knowledge and technical skills in AI and Machine Learning.

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Free and certified AI programming courses

Are you a programmer or do you want to become one? Do you have a particular interest in artificial intelligence and its foundations? MIT and Stanford University offer you certified AI courses. Come and learn more about the basics of voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Siri, or Tesla's car autopilots. The concepts of mathematical logic and algorithmics you will give you the skills you need to maximize your employability and actively participate in this rapidly evolving sector!

Advanced notions of Machine Learning at your fingertips

Alter ego inseparable from AI, Machine Learning is also on the program of the courses listed for you by My Mooc! With these accessible and easy-to-understand courses, you will be able to give machines the ability to learn from the data they process. Focusing on boosting, decision trees, the statistical model of Gaussian mixture, neural networks or deep learning, these courses will make you an expert in machine language! The concepts and methods of automatic learning will no longer hold any secrets for you.