Educate yourself with MOOC’s in Art, Design and Creativity

Whatever your motivation is: be it professional or personal, you can develop remarkable artistic skills in design, photography, video, sculpture through online courses that our platform provides. Even if you are not a beginner, you might discover new methods and techniques to become more advanced in your art.

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Gain new knowledge and skills in design and contemporary art

You can become culturally more competent by discovering the history of art and learn more deeply the different techniques in plastic arts to show your own creativity. Throughout your learning, you will be accompanied by experts of each particular discipline. Besides, here, you can go deeper into the digital concepts of contemporary art, more precisely speaking, master software and computer tools to achieve a higher mastery level: be it photo creation, video editing, design thinking or UX design.

Enhance your creativity with free and certified training courses

Developing creative skills might help you get ahead in your career. Indeed, investing effort, time and energy in a MOOC might be rewarded by a follow-up certificate that is, as a rule, issued by prestigious institution or university, which is sure to boost your profile on the labor market. This is the case, for instance, with design thinking or UX design.