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My Mooc has gathered on this page, all the online courses on the web dedicated to anthropology that will allow you to acquire in any autonomy and free essential concepts. With these MOOCs, you will be able to progress in your field, enrich your knowledge and solidify your skills. These courses in anthropology offer you to obtain training certified by the largest universities working in this field. A definite plus to add to your CV! The MOOCs of anthropology and social anthropology allow you to take a fresh look at the contemporary world and humanity as a whole. A rich, complex and indispensable look for those who wish to devote themselves to the social sciences.

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MOOCs to study humanity in its complexity

Etymologically, anthropology is meant to be the "discourse around the human being". This study of humanity involves interest in its social, cultural, religious, family ... What are the main human traits in different parts of the planet? What influence do they have on relations between men? Discipline does not stop with observation. These anthropology MOOCs available on this page will prepare you to make comparisons between these different practices. It is through this game of relationship that it is possible to draw a faithful picture of a contemporary civilization in permanent evolution.

Decrypt the world and contemporary society

Social anthropology has an interest in both universal and diverse aspects of human groups. In this way, it puts into perspective the experience of individuals in their society and culture. An essential look to understand the contemporary world. The MOOCs propose you to acquire the approach and the comparative spirit necessary to the study of the human behaviors and their stakes. Prehistory, evolution, ethnic origin, functionality ... The professors of the largest universities in social anthropology will open you to these key concepts. You will leave these formations with the assets essential to your professional itinerary.