Be a computer expert with algorithms and data structures by taking a MOOC!

Do you dream of becoming a real programming specialist and work on an innovative project? Then you are in the right place. With a great variety of MOOCs, you have at your disposal, you can master many complex things among which, for example, are algorithms or web data structure. After most of the courses, you can get a certificate.

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Courses from cryptography to bioinformatics.

Business leaders, politicians and thinkers of our time say that we are on the verge of fourth industrial revolution that will influence sphere of human activity from logistics to medicine. The world where data and algorithms will be playing an increasingly important role. Here, on the page, you are offered to look at the courses that are aimed at equipping you with new knowledge and skills.

The MOOC for those who seeks to boost their employability.

With IT spreading throughout society, it is difficult to imagine how we used to live before. These days IT is everywhere: management, secure transaction systems, health, or artificial intelligence. Here, you can learn by using courses that have been prepared by most renowned organizations and universities in the world.