All the MOOCs of the web about Physics

On this page, you can find all MOOCs related to physics. These are all free and completely free courses that can be found on the internet, listed on one site. Online courses, open to all, are offered by prestigious universities in particle physics, quantum physics and thermodynamics. From the introduction to fluid mechanics to courses in acoustics, through an introduction to basic concepts in electricity and magnetism, the MOOC offer in this category is very varied.

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Physics knowledge is no longer reserved for the elite

The courses offered in MOOC facilitate the democratization of knowledge in a field that was thought inaccessible to many. These courses are from major schools such as the École polytechnique of Montréal, the Institute Mines-Telecom or the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. You can access an extensive knowledge, at your own pace, and even obtain a certification, which will attest to the skills acquired during the online training.

Learn to know the world better through Physics

Physics is the science that best captures the world. Thanks to the notions of mechanics, physics of the particles, quantum, thermodynamics, and other exciting sub-disciplines of this domain, the laws of the universe will have no more secrets for you. At a time when the world is constantly changing, new technologies can help you quench your thirst for understanding the things around you. With the possibility of being certified at the end of the course by a recognized institution, and thus to be able to attest to your new rise in skills, you also open the doors of a richer professional life.