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Whether it is to develop your professional skills or for personal interest: online training is a real added value! Take advantage of the diversity of courses available to fill gaps in your initial training, discover new topics, or boost your skills. Know how to manage a project, learn to master software, discover the basics of Lean management, or learn English... Whatever the subject, on My Mooc you have access to thousands of certifiying courses created by quality organizations, companies or universities. Our advice? Be curious! You may be surprised by MOOCs, their original themes, the community of learners or their dynamic format.

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About ten categories and more than a hundred sub-categories, on My Mooc everything is organized so that you can find what you want. By classifying content in this way, we meet our primary objective: to make it easier for our users to browse a relevent content! By grouping all the MOOCs available in the world on a single platform, and categorizing them, we hope to save you time in your online training research and help you find the right online course for you! Explore the categories and find out which universities and companies offer courses on the subject you are interested in. If you don't find what makes you happy, or if you already know the perfect course title for you: don't forget the search bar!