Scandinavian leadership A survey of leaders/managers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
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Ledarna, in partnership with its sister organisations in Denmark and Norway, wanted to conduct a joint survey of managers/leaders in Scandinavia in preparation for a conference taking place in Stockholm in June 2017.

The aim of the survey was to identify what values are typical for 'Scandinavian leadership' and find out how these manifest themselves in practice. As well as demonstrating similarities, the survey also aimed to highlight differences between the Scandinavian countries in terms of leadership and leadership practice.

The survey was taken online by leaders/managers with membership in their country's union in either Denmark, Norway or Sweden, with a total of 1559 interviews also conducted between 22 May and 5 June 2017.

The results show us that there is a Scandinavian type of leadership with common values and characteristics. Scandinavian leadership is characterised by three central features. The first characteristic is a high level of employee involvement in the decision-making process. The second is the short distance between managers/leade

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