About My Mooc

A powerful and innovative solution

With more than 10,000 MOOCs available, My Mooc delivers the best free trainings available on the web. Our mission? To make training accessible to as many people as possible!

With an account on My Mooc, you can continually follow the latest MOOC news and be ensured that you do not miss any topics or content from your favorite universities across the globe.

A learning ecosystem focused on our My Mooc community

My Mooc learners participate in reviewing and qualifying the courses through the feedback posted on the site.

You can also download your hard-earned certificates and share them on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Find all the representatives of the MOOC ecosystem — they have a dedicated page, and can respond to your feedback and opinions on a MOOC!

Do you like a challenge, or are you a serial MOOC-er? Complete challenges, acquire badges, and proudly display your badges on your profile.. you may just be one of the lucky ones who will have the honor of being on the homepage!

Behind My Mooc

Who is behind the website? My-Mooc.com is one of the solutions developed by the start-up company, Edflex, to deliver innovative and customized solutions to learners.

Edflex partners with organizations across the globe to connect learners directly to personalized and prescriptive resources based on each user's training needs. By providing learners with access to over 40,000+ resources (articles, courses, podcasts, and videos), curated by our proprietary system and reviewed by our team of Learning Curator experts from relevant and informative sources, learners have the flexibility to learn based on their preferences – anytime, anywhere, on any device!

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