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What is My Mooc ?

My Mooc

My Mooc helps you to browse free and certified online courses. We gather more than 10,000 MOOCs (in English, French and Chinese) from 550 prestigious organizations.

Like Tripadvisor to find an hotel, You have access to tens of thousands of reviews that will offer you the opportunity to find a learning content that suits you.

Project management, IT, foreign language... discover our complete catalog of online resources in the "MOOC" and "Paths" tabs.

Centralize your online learning experience and easily find all of the online resources that help you train for free on one platform.

Several thousand free and certifying online courses available at any time.
An active community of learner that wrote more than 50 000 reviews.
A platform available in 5 languages and freely available on all devices.

What is a MOOC ?

MOOC: certifying online training

The MOOC, acronym for Massive Open Online Course, is a new type of online training. It includes videos, text content, discussion forums and validates its achievements with exercises.

Open by session or all year, it allows to train for free on a multitude of topics and gather thousands of Internet users. Interventions by the best instructors on the planet are now within everyone's reach.

In 2018, 100 million people have already followed a MOOC. This is the opportunity to obtain a certificate from pretigious organizations in order to improve his resume and boost his employability.

How to participate ?

It's very simple! Register for free browse a MOOC with our powerful search engine and click on "Go to course" button to be redirected to the provider.

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A community of learner to find the best MOOC

My Mooc benefits from an active community that reviews, collects badges and shares its experience by rating MOOCs.

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The ranking of the MOOC ecosystem

Our mission is to guide you in your lifelong learning research. That's why everyone can express themselves! Our platform benefits from an active community of learner which reviews, collects badges and shares his experience by rating the MOOC . Then you can make your own opinion to take the course or not !

By registering to My Mooc you will not only have access to a powerful MOOC search engine and rankings, you also have the opportunity to be part of best "serial moocers" list by tracking your learning experience from your userspace.

In your userspace, you will be able to collect your badges, centralize your favorite MOOC and not miss any news thanks to a customized flow of notifications.